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Ethical policies

When reporting experiments on humans or animals, authors should indicate whether the procedures followed the rules of the Ethics Committee on Human Trials of the institution in which the survey was conducted, and whether the procedures are in accordance with the 1995 Helsinki Declaration and the Ethics in Experimentation Animals, respectively. Authors should include a statement indicating that the protocol was approved by the Institutional Ethics Committee (affiliate institution of at least one of the authors), with its identification number. Authors should precisely identify all drugs and chemicals used, including generic names, dosages and administration. Patients’ names, initials, or hospital records should not be included. References regarding statistical procedures should be included.

The journal Acta Ortopédica Brasileira supports the Clinical Trials Registry policy of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the ICMJE, recognizing the importance of these initiatives for the registration and international dissemination of clinical studies in open access. Therefore, it will only accept for publication articles involving clinical research that have received an identification number in one of the clinical trials registry platforms validated by WHO and ICMJE. The URLs of these registry platforms are available at the ICMJE page [].

As recommended by the ICMJE and resolution of the Brazilian Federal Council of Medicine nº 1595/2000, authors have the responsibility to recognize and declare any potential financial conflicts of interest, as well as conflicts of other nature (commercial, personal, political, etc.) involved in developing the work submitted for publication.

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